Wheel Pad is an innovative, mobile solution to the labor-intensive and time-consuming process of remodeling a home for a loved one after a spinal cord injury, or any disabling condition. Joseph Cincotta and Julie Lineberger, an architect/business-minded married couple, conceptualized the Wheel Pad after their dear family friend, Riley Poor, sustained a SCI.

The award-winning design offers a convenience, turn-key alternative to enduring construction chaos in your home. Delivery of a new Wheel Pad to your home is a mere three months from the time you place your order. And while the 220 square foot modular mini-home-on-wheels is not cheap, $272/sqft, there are some options for financing and fundraising. For example, the VA allocates up to $77k for a ‘speciality adapted housing grant’ that can be, and has been, used to purchase a Wheel Pad. Additionally, at least one Wheel Pad client has crowd-sourced the $60k to purchase his new home addition. Credit Unions will finance as well.

bed and desk
Photos courtesy of WheelPad.com and Carolyn Bates Photography

Since the New Mobility publication on WheelPad one year ago, the business has begun ramping up production, with 3 Wheel Pads currently being manufactured and five serious prospective clients on the West Coast. The business is also anticipating manufacturing and delivery costs to drop once the demand picks up. For more details about Wheel Pad visit WheelPad.com, or contact Julie Lineberger at julie@wheelpad.com.

Wheel Pad bedroom and bathroom
Photo courtesy of WheelPad.com and Carolyn Bates Photography
Wheel Pad bathroom
Photo courtesy of WheelPad.com and Carolyn Bates Photography

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